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More Please!

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
First, I just have to say that having more children is a highly personal and private decision. What is right for one family may not be for another and there are a million reasons people plan their families the way that they do. Often, I run into criticism when I say that I want more children but the fact is it is my decision to make. And thank God because if I lived in China I wouldn't have the freedom to make the most basic decision about the size of my family and I'm grateful to even have the choice. I was raised as an only child and I'll admit it has its benefits. But, by no means did I get everything that I wanted. I was spoiled with attention not things. But, it can be lonely. My husband on the other hand is the baby of nine. There are advantages and disadvantages to the large family too. He always has someone to talk to for just about anything but at the same time there is always a lot going on because there are just so many people. I definitely want Soren to have at least one sibling. Just so he has someone no matter what happens. I see the bond between my husband with his sister/brothers and I know that relationship is special. When I think of actually following through I admit that I cringe. Having not slept in 8 months the thought of another newborn ordeal seems hellish. That's because it will be. But I remind myself often that this phase of my life, with babies, is momentary in the long run. I'd consider my family and myself lucky if we were blessed with another child soon.