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My Britney Moment

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
I have a bad mom confession to make: I almost dropped my kid…on his head. It gives me a newfound respect for poor Britney. brittany.jpg Last week I was lounging on the couch while Soren got himself a little “boobie action?. He was nearly asleep and I was totally engrossed with Grey•s Anatomy. It’s the first medical drama I have ever liked. It is less about bleeding patients and more about the private lives of the interns. There’s just something about it that sucks me into a suspension of disbelief. This particular episode featured a patient who was suffering from…um…well, let’s just call it “little deaths? and leave it at that. So, needless to say I was totally engrossed by the subject matter when suddenly SoJo flung himself backward across the Boppy. He had so much power behind that fling that he continued to roll from sheer momentum and was heading straight for the floor. An exaggerated intake of breath reserved for only the most horrific situations escaped me. In that split second, I reached out and grabbed my baby by the leg and torso, holding his perfect unblemished face two inches from the carpet. I just held him upside down for a second because I was absolutely stunned. I actually caught him. I•m stilled amazed. It’s not like people say, “That Richie, she has catlike reflexes!? I pretty much never catch anything much less in a split second. I know he•ll eventually be sporting black eyes and skinned knees. But, I’d like to be the kind of mom who doesn’t drop her kids on the head. I’m not trying to be mom of the year…I’m just trying to master the basics here. I feel terribly guilty for it, but when relating the story to my girlfriends they all laughed at my “oops? moment. Seems these incidents just come with the mommy job. Everyone had a story to counterpoint mine and often it ended with a baby indeed knocked on the head. So, I should forgive myself, but still•&..I’m sure Britney would understand.