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My Favorite Products

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
At one of the many baby showers I’ve attended recently, I was asked by the new mom “What things can’t you live without?? My first answer was the Boppy. Whoever marketed this little miracle pillow was a genius. It seriously is the perfect pillow. It raised my baby up to breast level when he was newborn, saved my tired arms after he grew larger, and was the perfect back support when he was learning to sit up. Every new mother should have one. Other things all new moms should have are: 1. The baby scrub brush•&cradle cap doesn’t stand a chance with a little olive oil and a good scrubbing. 2. Pajama bags…sticking newborn feet into onesies is unnecessary and impossible. All newborn clothes should be shaped like sleeping bags in my opinion. 3. The all over body wash…one bottle gets it all done. And, I’d suggest spending the extra dollar on a good bottle of lotion. I like Aveeno. Newborn skin can be really sensitive and dry. 4. My diaper service is indispensable. They are dependable, friendly and economical. Plus, my money goes where my mouth is when speaking of the environment and supporting local small business. I’ve eliminated the need for extra cream because there is never any diaper rash. I pay $15 bucks a week. Check them out at ABC Diaper Service. 5. Baby Cubes. These little plastic trays have made preserving my own baby food a snap. Another really great must-have. 6. I love my Baby Einstein exersaucer. Not only is it a learning toy, but a really convenient place to put the baby if I have to pull the trash from the curb or move a car from the driveway. 7. The swing. 8. The child first-aid kit including the thermometer, (I keep buying thermometers and have noticed that more expensive isn’t necessary any better. I like the underarm one.) nail clippers, and the nasal aspirator. 9. Infant Tylenol. 10. My Medela breast pump. Any new mom serious about committing to breastfeeding needs to spend the money on a really great pump. Mine is a champ and without it I think I would have quit. There are literally thousands of baby products out there. Some I really thought I needed prior to delivery and now I find they weren’t necessary. Like changing tables and baby shoes. I’d love to hear about other products out there. Drop us a comment about your favorite baby products.