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My little rock star

By Robin Dearing
A doctor? A lawyer? An accountant? President of the United States of America? What is my kid going to be when she grows up? And more importantly, what is my role in helping to shape what she turns out to be? Do I push her? Or do I sit back and let her develop on her own? Because my obsessive-compulsive tendencies lend me to want to push. My parents never pushed me. They taught me that doing well in school was expected and that education was the most important stepping stone to success. But man, did they ever cringe when they found out what my major was in college. I can still hear my mom talking to my gramma on the phone, "Yeah, she's still studying art history. I'm not sure why." My mom wanted me to be an accountant (which is laughable because my relationship with numbers is sketchy at best). My dad wanted me to be a blackjack dealer in Reno — yeah, he had high hopes for his only daughter. I followed my own path. And I'm glad of it. I have several jobs that I really enjoy, so I feel like I've made good choices. Ultimately, I want Margaret to follow her own path ... I just hope that the path she takes is the one full of music. I would love for Mar to become a musician. I realize that this dream puts me outside the mainstream of thinking in that the life a musician can be far stable and secure. But one thing I've learned is that there are no guarantees? There are no sure things in life, only risks. Mar singing.jpg And what better thing to take a risk on than one's true passion? So I keep my fingers crossed that Mar will adopt the love of music that her father and I share.Mar microphone.jpg Believe me, we do our best to encourage any musical flames to grow. For her 3rd birthday, we bought her a drum kit. Next week when she turns 6, we had planned to buy her her first electric guitar, but upon further investigation, she revealed to us that she really wants to play the piano. I'll admit, I'm a bit disappointed. I play the guitar and I was hoping that she'd want to take after her dear, old mom, but no luck. Being that a piano just isn't in the budget, Mar's getting an electronic keyboard and piano lessons instead. I'm just happy she wants to play music. Because my favorite moments with Margaret are when she and I are singing songs together, sharing the gift of music.