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My Own Baby Food

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
I guess I’ve always done things “my? way. And, I realize sometimes •my? way is not always the normal way. The same can be said for my homemaker qualities. I tend to hold on to the traditional. A good example is cloth diapers. I like them. I like that I•m not piling up the landfill with my kid’s excrement. I like that I’m not consuming valuable natural resources just to cover his butt. It’s not that I am trying to make any kind of political statement. I just like them and they work for me. And I feel good about my choice. Oh, and I have ABC Diaper Service. No dumping, rinsing or boiling for this working mom. I also like that my husband and I sit down to family dinner every night. At least five nights a week the meal is homemade. It rarely comes from a box and almost always includes the protein, starch, and vegetable combination. This meal is good for us in a number of ways. I think it’s unfortunate more families don’t do it. Now that the baby has reached the four-month mark, it’s time for us to include him at the family dinner table. He’s not quite ready for food yet. The first time I gave him cereal he just looked at me in bafflement. The sensation of something being on his tongue was too much for him. He proceeded to cry while the runny cereal dripped down his chin. Swallowing was out of the question! But, we keep trying and despite his protests he still joins us at the dinner table without food. I want to make my own baby food. I tried my hand at it last weekend by mixing breastmilk and mashed banana. He hates cereal so I thought maybe we’d try this. He took a couple of mouthfuls and then he was done. That’s cool. But, since there are starving babies around the world, I couldn’t see just throwing out the rest of his gruel. So I froze it into individual ice cubes. If we have carrots, he should have carrots. If we have peas, wait, I hate peas…but anyway you get the point. I assume the food I prepare has to be better for him as it will be lacking in preservatives and whatever else may be in a jar product. The thing that surprises me is how many people find this to be a radical idea. I guess most think that jar baby food is better. Huh. But, despite that I’m going to try my culinary hand at the fine culinary art of baby food. Maybe I’ll find it too time consuming or too whatever…but I’m going to give it a shot. Plus, it will save us a wad of dough!!!! That way the next I have to justify a new skirt, I can say "Hey, I save us a wad of dough!"