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National Baby Safety Month

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
September is National Baby Safety Month. Here are some tips to prevent accidental injury (the number one cause of death for children under the age of 14 in the U.S. according to Kellen Communications) that I thought were actually pretty good. I've taken the liberty of paraphrasing and condensing just to get to the point quickly. #1 Mouthwash...contains high levels of alcohol that could really hurt your kid. #2 Antifreeze...not good for the dog or the kid. Main ingredient is ethylene glycol which is very very toxic. #3 Window treatments with hanging cords...Pose strangulation risk. Replace them or repair with a free retrofit safety device available here. #4 Latex Balloons...could cause suffocation when balloons are deflated. Don't buy Mylar (the shiny ones) balloons for little kids. #5 Windshield Washer Fluid...can cause blindness if ingested. Seriously...I did not know that. Not like I'd let a kid drink it anyway but I guess it's really bad news. #6 Funiture and Appliciances....they tip over so anchor them to the wall. #7 Oleander....popular flower in beds and just a single leaf ingested could kill your child. Don't buy it and don't plant and don't burn it if you have it because the smoke is lethal too. #8 Dieffenbachia and Philodendron....common houseplants that contain oxalates that can cause extreme pain and inflammation if chewed. These suggestions are from the new book, "The Safe Baby: A Do-it-yourself Guide to Home Safety" by Debra Holtzman. Visit her site herehttp://www.thesafetyexpert.com/. I'm definately bookmarking this one.