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No means No Little Dude!

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Today at lunch my baby threw his first full-fledged tantrum. He kept putting his grubby post-lunch fingers where they should not be as I was trying to wet a washcloth to clean him up with. "No Soren..." I said firmly as I lifted him to a safer place across the living room. I walked back to the kitchen. He crawled a beeline right back to the offending object. "No!!! That's not for you," I said as I lifted him back to the safer location. This time he protested by wriggling and squirming. Again with the thunk thunk of hands and knees locomotion. Sigh. "I said NO!" and he was airlifted to the couch again. This time with that annoying whining noise "AAAAaHHHHHHH" coming out of his mouth and his head leaned way back over my arm. Thunk-thunk again in a hurried baby fashion. "No!" If anything you have to give me points for being consistent. This time I just sat on the couch and watched his open defiance as he crawled back. "I said NO!" this time tapping his offensive hand to get his attention and moved him back to the center of the room. Where he crumbled into a screaming mess. I sat on the couch and watched with my best mom is the boss face. He watched me as he cried dryly. Then he banged his head a few times really really hard on the floor. He looked up to see what my reaction to that would be. I sat stony faced but in my head I thought "Oh my....he's throwing a tantrum. That was pretty funny. I bet it hurt. Don't laugh out loud. Stay poker faced. This doesn't bother you at all. I can't believe he's 10 months and already testing me. " He rolled around on the floor for a few more seconds. Then he beelined back to the off limits area. But this time he crawled a wide circle in front of it. Then another. He slowed down as he came near his object of desire looking at me questionally each time. When he came near I said "No Soren." He smiled sheepishly like his intentions were innocent. "That little %$^&," I thought "Don't smile. Don't Smile. Man, he's cute." Then he went to play with his pony as if nothing had happened.