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Non Sequiturs

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Some days you just can’t think of anything to write that’s worth the server space it takes up. So here are a few random things that are on my mind these days. 1. There should be some kind of law (of nature, even) that makes it illegal for PMS to coincide with a full-moon. And don’t even think of arguing with me about it. 2. I need to check into car insurance rates pending Alex’s 15th birthday next month but I’m too scared. 3. Why am I the only person in my family that likes leftovers? 4. Our school bus drivers deserve our thanks and recognition. They are up at dark to pick up our grumpy kids and drive them back and forth to school day after day. They do it with a virtually accident free record while dealing with more crap than you realize. On a paycheck that’s pitiful. Thank you school bus drivers! 5. I made really good BBQ ribs this past weekend and now I’m on a rib bender. Dry rubbed, slow baked, yum! 6. I love the spring shoe fashions at Nordstrom’s. Thank god we are so over that whole clunky, really bad, butt ugly, Doc Martin or whatever his name is thing. Alex and I are going to Denver this weekend and I plan on getting me a pair or two of those new shoes! 7. Why do I have to drive all the way to Denver to buy cute shoes? 8. This is the last week for wine discounts at Cottonwood Liquor store. 9. I had one of the best evenings last Thursday. There was an art show at Two Rivers Winery put on by Artspace. It was all local artists including school kids. Fantastic! Wonderful food and wine and lots of art work for sale. I bought the cutest lizard picture done by an elementary school kid. Best part of all - it was a crowd where Dan and I knew very few people so it was great not to have to talk shop and we met some lovely new folks. 10. I need to exercise more. Yawn.