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Not another Aquarius

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
The second and third weeks of Febraury are really busy ones. There is birthday after birthday and then of course Valentine's Day. When Soren was due last year I kept telling everyone that I hoped he'd get his own birthday and not have to share with his uncles, grandma or even his dad. Somehow he picked the one day in February not already being used by someone else. His birthday was a huge success. The people here at Birthdays Without Pressure would have been proud of me. I made chocolate and strawberry cupcakes out of a box with homemade cream cheese frosting. We had some pizza, a salad that I bought from the store, a few decorations and that was it. Even with the day off I was still busy running errands from store to store to pick it all up. A huge lesson learned was that cupcakes are HARD work. It is so much easier to make a cake and put frosting on it. I can kiss my cupcake business dream goodbye because after the first dozen I was pooped. And to think I thought I could make a career of that...whatever. All said and thank goodness done I'd say it was a succussful run of February birthdays. I got the cards out mostly on time, a nice dinner on the table for loverhubby's B-day and even an extra special surprise in Saturday's paper for my two main men. You can sign the guestbook here. birthdayblog.jpg I'm glad February's a short month. And...Happy Birthday Mom!