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Not Invited but I’ll Be There

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I’m left with the task of following Richie’s blog yesterday. How unfair is that? I’m very happy for Richie. I think people with cute kids are obligated to have several. Robin? Alex and his posse’s choice of entertainment seems to be movies. Almost every Saturday night for the past couple months they go to the new Canyon View theater to watch a movie. They are running out of new ones to see I think. So Al asked me if he could have the posse over this weekend to our house for movie night. “Yeah, that’d be fun. How many kids?” “Well, the usual” he said and rattled off a dozen male and female names. “What kind of movie do you want to get?” I asked, thinking of the old time comedy classics like Monty Python, Animal House (a really bad idea though) and the original Pink Panthers. “We like horror movies.” Gross. My least favorite. Let’s just say we’re going to have to compromise on the movie choice. And my absolute steadfast rule is nothing R rated. I don’t care that they see worse on MTV. I don’t allow that in my house either. With that settled, my thoughts turn to food. Can’t have a party, especially of teenagers, without food. Hmmmm, pizza? Too obvious. Sub sandwiches? Maybe. Tacos? Too messy. “Just junk food Mom, that’s all we want.” That’s fine for him, but not for me. I want something that will be fun, and good and since it’s dinner, at least vaguely nutritious. But really, that’s not the important part. The important part is that he’ll have his friends over, they’ll have fun and they’ll be safe. I’ll know where they are and who they’re with. And since they’ll be gone by 11:00 they won’t be sneaking out of the house while I’m asleep! “Oh, and Mom, please don’t hang out with us.” Duh. “But you can hang out in your room.” Gee, thanks. Pass the popcorn.