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Of grandparents and grandkids

By Robin Dearing
The phone rang one day last week. Margaret answered it "Helloooh!" she cheerfully cried into the reciever in that endearing 6-year-old voice of hers. "Hi gramma!" the conversation began. After hearing a lot of "yeeaaahs" and "nooohs" and one "I can ride really fast!" Margaret calls out to me, "Mom, your mom is on the phone." Yeah, it's strange but whenever Mar references her maternal grandmother to me she always calls her "your mom." It's never "Gramma's on the phone" or " I wanna talk to Gramma." Nope, it's always, "Your mom is on the phone" and "I wanna talk to your mom" — like she's gonna tell on me or something. I take the receiver and greet my mom. "I'm calling to chew you out," my mom states. "I have to read about my granddaughter learning how to ride a bike on the Internet?" Whoops. She was referring to this post from last week. I don't think I called her when Margaret got her teeth pulled either. Doh! My parents and I are pretty close. We talk often on the phone and visit each other as often as we can. But I still can't help but wish we lived near them. I had both of my grandmothers within bike riding distance while growing up. We would go shopping and to the movies and we'd play games together. It was something that I always cherished. Margaret knows her grandparents well and has spent a lot of time with them, especially my parents. She loves when they visit and loves visited them even more — which makes me happy. Grandparents are so important for children — from them they get a sense of history and permanence that is invaluable. And the love of a grandparent for their grandchild is a love unlike any other. My mom used to tell me — only partially tongue in cheek, I'm sure — that the reason she had kids was so that she could someday have grandchildren. Well, my brother and I made my folks sweat on that one, as neither of us had children until we were in our 30s. Now they have four grandkids to spoil.