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Office space

By Robin Dearing

Here's a picture of my new "office." I'm using quotes because it's not actually an office. Instead is the hallway area between our bedroom and the music room. It's open to the downstairs, so I'm hanging out here in the open. 

But that doesn't matter because I like it.

When I first moved on to the desk from my bed, I was staring at a blank wall. It only took a couple of days to figure out that I needed something on the wall to make my desk area more office-y. I decided on a bulletin board so I can change what I'm looking at whenever I want.

I went on Pinterest and looked for boards that weren't for kindergarten teachers. I pinned a few that gave me some good ideas.

We already had an acoustic tile just lying around (what? You don't have acoustical tiles just lying around? Weird), so my mom and I headed down to the craft store in search of just the right fabric.

I knew what I wanted, but when I tried to explain it to my mom, we reached an impasse over the fact that I do not know how to pronounce “toile.” I kept trying to say the word and describe what I wanted and she kept looking at me with that, “ ‘the heck are you talking about?” face.

Finally, I found this toile (it’s pronounced “twall,” by the way) in the upholstery fabric section. Luckily, it was on sale for 40 percent off because, sheesh, have you seen the price of upholstery fabric? Good gravy.

Then we stopped at the hardware store and I picked up enough fake wood trim to make a nice frame if I cut everything correctly — which I did not. So, second trip to hardware store.

My mom and I covered the bulletin board and Bill helped me install the whole thing over my desk. I didn’t try to attach the board to the frame. Instead, we just used giant sheetrock screws to attach the board to the wall (I cut little slits in the fabric where the screws went and you can’t even tell). Then we attached the trim frame with finishing nails.

Easy peasy.


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Everyone needs a “room of one’s own” in which to work, and you’ve made yours lovely as well as productive!

I always call it ‘Tool’. Now I know.

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