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On our own

By Robin Dearing
I would like to take this opportunity to pay my respects to all the single parents out there. I forget how easy I've got it until my husband goes out of town. I depend on Bill for so much. He does all the cooking, lawn care, auto maintenance and he removes the bird and praying mantis carcasses that the cats drag in (just last week my neighbor had to extricate a mangled starling body from my bath tub — yick!). This past week and a half, I 've been flying the parenting plane solo. Believe me, I am not looking for sympathy. I know there are numerous single parents out there who do this every day without complaint or recognition. But I have learned a lot about myself and my daughter. I learned that I can survive sans Bill despite my claims at being completely inept and in need of constant adult supervision. This past week was incredibly hectic with the end of the school year and Mar's kindergarten graduation. We've had to get up earlier than usual (normally Mar is barely out of bed by the time I leave for work) and get ourselves fed, dressed and out the door before my head explodes from the thought that we might be late — which we never were. I learned that Margaret is adaptable. While she is tired when she gets out of bed, she'll eat and get herself dressed with only random prodding from me. After her hair is combed (which is so much easier now that we've cut it — she hasn't cried once) and teeth are brushed, she hurries to the car to be the first one buckled into her seatbelt. I learned that I'm more organized and am more apt to actually clean the house than sit on the sofa (which is not nearly as inviting without a husband to snuggle up next to). I've learned that I'm adaptable, too. I can cope with the daily trials and tribulations of parenting solo and that it's OK to ask our friends and neighbors for help (like when there's a gnarled bird in the tub). But most of all, I've learned that Mar and I get along just fine together. We've been enjoying this time together and for that I'm truly thankful. But not nearly as thankful as I am that my time as a solo flier is just about over.