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On religion

By Robin Dearing
"Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming to the mall!" Margaret shouted at me when I picked her up from daycare one March evening. She was about 3 and had somehow gotten the Easter Bunny and Jesus confused. She thought that Jesus brought little kids baskets of chocolates and hid eggs. It wasn't surprising really that she had things so confused. I don't think we had ever explained the manyfold aspects of the major religious holidays. Easter%20Mar.jpg It wasn't until she started attending preschool at Kids of the Kingdom that she really got a basic understanding of the Christian holidays and belief system (despite her reluctance to discuss it here, she really does know what Easter is all about). And for that, I am so thankful. The teachers of Kids of the Kingdom educated Margaret on the tenants of Christianity in a caring and positive way. I feel that having basic Christian fundamentals under her belt will be helpful as she begins to navigate her life's path. Despite the idea that America is a melting pot, it is still a largely Christian country and having some knowledge of the belief system will only benefit her. But whether she adopts Christianity as her faith or seeks another path is up to her. I share with her my feelings on spirituality and religion as does her dad. I want her to have respect for all faiths and religions, not just the one she believes in.