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On the Road

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Three days into the great Alaska adventure and so far, so good! Alex called Saturday evening from Butte, Montana, although he pronounced it as if the “e? was not there. I suspect it will be the last I•ll hear for a while, since cell phone service will be spotty at best as they head into the Yukon Territory. On Friday they made it as far as Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah. Since my brother is a retired military officer, he can stay at pretty much any military base for cheap. Hill AFB happens to be where my sister was stationed about 18 years ago, and where she met her husband. Alex is having second thoughts about life as a Navy SEAL after spending an evening on an Air Force base. “Mom, this place is unbelievable! They have two swimming pools, an arcade and a bowling alley! Plus, we were there all night and all morning and never saw or heard a single jet! Forget the Navy, I’m joining the Air Force.? So far, they•re having a great adventure. Alex told me how some couple along the way locked their keys in their car and Uncle Mark had to smash out their car window to get their keys. Why they couldn’t use a coat hanger to jimmy open the lock was not clear to me, but smashing out a window is far more memorable. Cheena the dog is proving to be a great traveling companion. Cheena (named after one of Alaska’s rivers) is half Alaskan husky and half yellow lab. She is the coolest, most tolerant dog I know. She was abandoned by her mother at birth and literally left on my brother’s doorstep in Juneau - by her mother, who apparently didn’t want to be tied down with a litter of pups. Hey, even the best mother has toyed with the idea of leaving her kids on someone’s doorstep! Cheena rides in the back of the truck and sticks her head and paws through the cab window, wondering how her place on the front seat was confiscated by my son. Hopefully she’ll forgive him and keep him warm on the nights they’ll be camping out in the Yukon Territory, where the highs are only going to be in the 50’s the next few days. I’m looking forward to the next communication from the traveling duo, however, and whenever, that may come. I know Alex is having a great time, but I miss him.