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Personal Time

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Last Saturday I lay Soren down for his morning nap, grabbed my keys and announced that I was going to the mall to get a much needed haircut and eyebrow wax. I nearly ran from store to store in desperation trying to get as much personal maintenance done as quickly as possible. The list of "must-do" items getting longer and longer as I went along. Store displays with their flashy clothes and high heeled shoes kept catching my eye. I longed to linger sans baby and look at clothes without a hint of mommyness to them. I wanted to plop myself down in a massage chair and get a pedicure. Before the baby, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. And I could have if I wanted to. There was no time restriction placed on me. No place that I had to be or appointment I had to keep. The only thing preventing me from enjoying a little luxury was me. It was just that I felt guilty for being at the mall on my day off when I should be at home playing with my baby. Then I started to think that my trip to the mall would have been more fun if I had a friend to share it with. "Oh that's right" I thought to myself, " I suck. I never call my friends anymore since I had the baby." Why is it so hard to take time for yourself once the scarlet M is slapped on your chest? Does it get any easier?