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By Robin Dearing

I think about what I’m going to write here before I put my fingers to the keyboard. While I’m making my bed in the morning, I try to think of a good lead. While I’m juicing my morning fruits and vegetables, I plot out what I want my story to tell. On my way home from driving Margaret to school, I figure out how I want to end.

I try focus on topics that would interest me as a reader and I try to avoid being too dramatic/emotional/sentimental (yeah, I know, I fail at that regularly, but I try). Always, I’m also honest with myself. Fact is, there are some things that I just have to write.

I don’t get writer’s block (I think you have to be a writer for that). Instead, I get topic blocked. If there is something profound going on in my life or more typically, in my head, I can’t not write about it (hello double negative, I tried to delete you, but yet there you still are).

These sticking subjects are like giant boulders stuck in the mouth of my creative cave. The boulder must be addressed before I can move on to write about the fun stuff that I prefer to post on this blog.

This post is me trying to get around that boulder. I either write this or post more pictures of my cats. I’m more embarrassed by my cat photos, so here it is.

I spend a big portion of my weekdays alone at my desk and rambling around the house. I love working from home. But this solitude allows me to be too self-indulgent.

I have lots of time to think about all the injustices in my life. I sit by myself and fume over the fact the insurance company gets to dictate which medications I can afford. I get teary-eyed over having to spend so much of our money on medical bills and interest on medical bills. I’m bitter over the fact that my disease is so damn hard to manage.

Then I read stories of the people suffering in the Philippines looking for food and water when my belly is full. I read about mothers whose children have terminal diseases while mine is delightfully spoiled. I learn of loved ones senselessly killed while mine are all safe.

Perspective is an amazing thing. If my biggest problems are that I have to pay my bills and work to stay healthy, then I’ve got it pretty good. 


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I could see that as a downfall to working from home. Too much time to think. Come have lunch with me and you can stop thinking for awhile.

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