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PHS Rocks the House

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“Hey Mom,” Alex said excitedly over the cell phone yesterday morning. “Can you give us a ride back to school tonight so we can see John play the piano?” Palisade High School was holding their Palisade Idol contest that evening. “Yeah, that’s fine. I’d like to go to that.” “OK cool. We’re gonna make signs that say We Love You John and stuff.” My mom radar started beeping. “I will only take you if you’re respectful and supportive of him and the other kids.” “Yeah, of course. Can you give Sue and Joe ride too?” We got out the poster board and made a couple quick signs. I grumbled to myself as I drove about 30 miles to pick up kids from one end of the valley and drove them out to the other. We got to the auditorium just as the show was starting, and here’s what was going through my mind: These kids are going to be a terrible audience. They will be disruptive and talk and be poorly behaved throughout the evening. They will make fun of the kids on-stage. They are going to piss me off. I’ve seen this happen at events like this before. The first performers came on stage and had some technical difficulties getting their CD started. Here we go, I thought. The kids are going to boo. Well, they didn’t. They didn’t boo for the first act and they didn’t boo for the second or any other act all night. They were, with one or two very minor exceptions, an absolutely beautiful, wonderful, attentive audience. I wanted to cheer for them! But I was too busy cheering for all the kids that took the stage that night! I had a lump in my throat as I watched a couple dozen teenagers give performances that blew me away. What an incredibly talented bunch of kids! First of all, for a teenager to get up on stage in front of their peers and put themselves on the line like that takes some serious courage. And then to sing, and play the guitar, and the piano, and the violin and cello so beautifully and with all their hearts was phenomenal to witness! And the audience? They couldn’t have been more supportive when a couple kids made a wobble or two. They cheered them right through it and clapped just as loudly at the end. We left before they announced who won the Palisade Idol title. But it didn’t matter. I don’t know how the judges could have decided. All the kids were first-rate and even though I only personally knew one of them, I was so proud of all of them. Including the audience.