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Plan On It?

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“Planning ahead? and •teenagers? are rarely used in the same sentence. Except to confirm that they are rarely used in the same sentence! About a month ago, Alex announced that he had a date for the homecoming dance. I•m not sure which took me more off guard – that he had a date or that there was a homecoming dance. First I’d heard of either. “A date? Who is it? I mean she?? I quizzed. •Nobody you know, and I’m not telling you,? came the response. Yeah, that•ll fly. “Well, are you going to ask her to wear a bag over her head when we go pick her up? Assuming, of course, that you’re allowed to go on a date. Which I’m not prepared to think about it yet, let alone discuss right now. Yeah, could you check back your junior year? Of college?? So, dad comes to town and the three of us have a discussion about dating. As it turns out, there is no date, or she changed her mind, or it was just a way to get mom freaked out. But that doesn•t mean there is no homecoming dance! For the next four weeks, I am peripherally involved in a kaleidoscope of teenage schizophrenia and planning for events. Let me be clear that the term planning to teenagers means “every time I talk to my friends we will come up with something different and you will be involved on a ?need-to-know•€? basis which means you don’t need to know anything until about five hours or five minutes before the actual event we’re planning which may or may not actually happen because we’re still planning and the only thing we know for sure is that it will cost you money?. So •plans? went from a pizza party at our house after the homecoming game Friday, to going to the dance on Saturday with a group of friends, to going paint-balling at another friends house instead of the dance, to skipping the dance and going to a pig roast my sister and I were hosting the same day as the dance. Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. Alex announced that he was indeed going to the dance with a group of friends and was now in need of dress shoes and dress pants. Thus we come to the •only thing we know for sure? part • the part that cost me money. A hundred bucks later and he has new dress shoes, new dress pants and a new tie. But look how good he looks! I think it was worth it, don’t you? Alex homecoming.JPG