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Precious Cargo

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Yesterday was Soren's very first birthday! We ate a leisurely breakfast, got dressed, shoed and reshoed the kid for a short morning walk to the big check-up. As we walked along we pointed out the trees, the sky, the cars all in an effort to stimulate a little 1-year-old vocabulary. Mixed in was an adult conversation about the future of the Ashcraft family. We let Soren try his strenth by letting him climb the grassy hill that led to the doctor's office. He played innocently with the germy toys in the lobby...he was facinated by an older girl who talked to herself as she played. We all filed into the small room. The doctor congratulated Soren on his big day, admiring his T-shirt that announced his #1 birthday and the birthday boy ribbon mama had pinned proudly to his chest. She chatted to him about his plans for the day while daddy did his best to answer and keep him from wriggling off his lap. He retied his shoes. "What are you getting for your birthday?" she asked. Then our fourth heartbeat filled the empty air with a whoosh whoosh...whoosh whoosh. I looked at Marty with a sigh of relief and he smiled. "Ooohhh," Soren said of the sound he was hearing. "He's a big brother for his birthday" I replied. I got dressed, threw Soren's shoes in my purse, and we walked back home grinning. It was indeed turning out to be a very special day for us all.