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Pumpkin-carving lessons

By Robin Dearing

Yesterday, Bill and Mar got to work carving the big, ole punkins we bought earlier this month. I was supposed to be grading papers, but I kept checking in to see if Mar needed help.

Every time I tried to help her, she said the same thing, "I can do this. I don't need any help." And she didn't.

She did the whole thing herself and she even cleaned up after. Wonderful, but bittersweet. Part of the joy of children is getting to help carve the pumpkins, dye the eggs, wrap the presents. Now, Margaret is old enough to do these things herself ... without any help from mom. That, of course, leads me to shake my fist at the sky and cry, "Why do kids have to grow up so fast?!?"

I feel like Mar's grow-up button is stuck on fast forward. Never before have I been so happy that I get to work at home and spend more time with her, even if it means that I just get to stand back and cheer her on. 

Lucky for me, even after Mar is grown up and out of the house (I get tearey eyed just thinking about it), I will still have Bill. And he promises to never grow up.


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Soren needed help but wouldn’t let me. He was having fun hacking his pumpkin with knife like a ninja, until it fell into a pile of pumpkin pieces. When I told him he had lost the contest, he cried. Lesson learned: sometimes you still need your mama’s help even if you think you don’t.

I was hoping Mar still needed some help and was a little sad when she didn’t. It happens so fast.

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