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Quilty mom and daughter

By Robin Dearing
big%20quilt.jpg My mom and I made a quilt. OK, it's not quite done yet but all that's left is to quilt it and put the binder on (yes, I realize that those are pretty huge things, but still ... we've got the top done!). My mom and I worked on it, off and on, for most of their trip here and we're really pleased with how it came out. Quilting is something that my mom and I have been doing together since my dear friend — and frequent Haute Mamas commenter — Marlys was married ... um, I wanted to put "a long time ago" but that makes us seem so old ... anyway, when we found out that Marlys was getting married, we decided to make her a gift. While visiting a craft fair, we saw a demonstration of the Quilt-in-a-day method for making log-cabin quilts. We were inspired by the ease of the method and off we went. Since, then we have made quilts on our own and have collobrated on others. And have even moved beyond the easy, Quilt-in-a-day, log-cabing quilts. Margaret has this lovely pink and white quilt patterned with hearts that my mother hand quilted and gave to her when she was born. Margaret has used that quilt for her entire life. hearts.jpg Then when Margaret was about a year and a half old, my mom and I made this quilt that Bill and I have been using on our bed for five years now: triangles.jpg Look at all those triangles. My mom said, "No more triangles!" after that one. While we were working on our most recent quilt, she asked, "Why don't we just do log cabin for now on?" quilt2.jpg We may not be in Sherida's quilting league yet, but we sure are having a good time trying to get there.