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Reflections in the Microwave

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Phone rings. "Newsroom this is Yesterday." "What? Richie? What did you just say?" "Huh." That's the way this week has been. I just purchased my breakfast out of the vending machine. (That's right all you health conscious people out there...I am eating out of the vending machine! Give me a break! It's not like I feed it to my kid. Beside what did you have for breakfast???) As I'm staring into the reflection of the microwave waiting for the processed cheese to ooze out of my Hot Pocket I was thinking "Wow....I have changed so much in the last year!" My morning routine has gone from sipping coffee and watching Katie Couric talk about must-have Prada totes to making scrambled eggs for Soren, sipping coffee, and shushing my husband so I can hear what Meridith Viera has to say about spoiling Generation Y. I made it through a whole year of pumping and breastfeeding and believe me...it wasn't easy. It's downright tiring to be a milk-cow! Not to mention the precise routine you have to keep while working. No going to lunch with friends or lingering in the card aisle after work. Plus I made a whole-hearted effort to choose the salad over a Hot Pocket from the vending machine. I've figured out bottles, diapers, rashes, fevers, bumps, baths, toys, teeth, toenails, car seats, baby food, housework, bottles, weaning, and how to get myself to work ontime most days of the week. And, I feel like I'm contributing more and more to the newsroom all the time. I know I have so much more to learn...17+ years. But the learning curve the first year is really high. I guess what I'm saying is "I Rock!" even though I had to eat out of the vending machine today. Sorry, enough self back-patting. I'd better get to work and finish my chocolate milk. (P.S. Check out the AP video on our main page of Super Tonio! The baby weighed 14 pounds at birth! That mom Rocks!)