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Right under our nose

By Robin Dearing
There are so many things I love about having house guests. One of the great things is getting to show off the beauty that is the Grand Valley. Saturday afternoon, my brother, Roger, his wife, Lisa and their two kids, Mackenzie and Colby came for a visit. Sunday we decided to take a drive over the Colorado National Monument. It's amazing how infrequently we go visit the Monument and how truly beautiful it is. We had a great time scrambling around the rocks: devils%20kitchen.jpg Do you see Bill, Colby and Margaret in that picture? Bill looks like a tiny x-marks-the-spot guy. Bill%20Monument%205-07.jpg Margaret loves her cousins and the three of them are thick as thieves: kids%202.jpg kids%205-07.jpg Rog and family are looking to move out of hustle and bustle of the Sacramento Valley and we're hoping that they'll like it enough to move here. So if you see these people roaming around town: rog%20lisa.jpg Make sure you're really nice and offer them jobs and money and houses.