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Sam He Is

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My nephew and the baby of the Lickers clan started kindergarten this year. His name is Sam and he is 5. He’s the quirkiest little kid you’ll ever meet and he absolutely slays me. He’s a small kid, even for 5. Petite, you might say. Blonde hair and golden brown eyes. Probably weighs all of 35 pounds soaking wet after a big meal, which for Sam is defined as more than two bites of anything. The kid hardly ever eats. He lives on love and air. When he does eat, he has some unusual ways of doing so. He will eat the top off a donut in a perfectly horizontal way, leaving only the bottom half. He will eat only the frosting off of cake. He ate a carrot about six months ago and still talks about it. He told Grandma he doesn’t like to eat at her house “because everything is home made.? Sam has a quick wit and delivers great one-liners. For example, one day he was running around au natural after his bath. As his little self flitted past me down the hall I remarked •Sammy, you have no butt!? He stopped, looked up at me and said matter-of-factly •Well, YOU don’t have a penis!? Indeed. He has this tendency to travel to an alternate universe and return through a worm hole to say things that have no apparent connection to what is happening in this dimension. I think the kid will grow up to be the next daVinci, or Kierkegaard. One evening we were sitting and chatting and Sam looks up and says. •Aunt Lynn, I think you should have married Rick instead of that other guy because nobody ever really liked him.? Indeed again. Last night at an extended family dinner he pulls his shirt up and over his head and states, •If I was a mother I would find this very disturbing.? Yep. I AM a mother and I though it was hilarious, much to my sister•s chagrin. A few days before Halloween he says to me, “Aunt Lynn, did I show you my pet rock, Roger?? •No, go get him.? He runs out of the room and returns with this: just rock.JPG •And I made him a Frankenstein costume.? frankenrock.JPG See? I truly think the kid is brilliant. He has resurrected the whole pet rock thing AND designed a custom line of clothing for them! He is destined to be a millionaire. I have numerous nieces and nephews and they are all special in one way or another. Sammy just captures my attention because he makes me laugh and I never know where his mind will take us next. saminhole2.jpg Looking for pet rocks