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Send In The Clowns

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
This will be my first Mother’s Day, and all I really want is a good laugh. My son hasn’t laughed yet. Once I thought he laughed, but when I looked at his face it was completely blank. A good laugh should include a big toothless baby smile. His dad and I have tried everything, but still we can’t win even the littlest chuckle out of him. We’ve performed duets of his favorite song, which is “Fairytales? by Ella Fitzgerald and the Delta Rhythm Boys. Our rendition includes synchronized snapping fingers and hip swinging choreography. He smiles HUGE but not a sound accompanies it. I•ll admit, we can’t sing very well, but that should make it even funnier right? We fly him like an eagle while singing a little Steve Miller Band. He rides the knee horse complete with clip-clop sound effects. We watch sit-coms and let out big belly laughs so he’ll hear what a happy household should sound like. Now, my husband has started juggling for him. He loves to watch his dad throw the bright colored juggling balls in the air. His dad can even juggle one handed while he does a little Jack Black rock-star style dance…and still nothing. Juggling 1.jpg I can’t wait for him to giggle. When it finally happens, I know it will make me laugh and cry at the same time, the way only a mother can.