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Separation Anxiety

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My son is at his dad’s for a week and a half. That’s fine and good and they’ll have a great time. They’ll run with scissors, eat real bacon, watch TV in their underwear, stay up way too late, and rent movies where everything gets blown to smithereens. BUT WHAT ABOUT ME??!! Do they care about my aching heart? Will Alex call me every day, think about how much he loves me when he wakes up, send me post cards? Ha! About as likely as me ever voting for a tax increase. Whenever Alex has “left the building? his absence leaves a void. Yes, the house stays clean, I don•t have to buy snack food that I end up eating too much of, nobody sasses me or criticizes my choice of clothing/music/vocabulary, no dirty socks are left on the living room floor or kitchen counter, and I get complete control of the remote. So why am I whining? Because my baby is gone. At least temporarily. And he won’t even realize how much he misses me!! Since he’s been away, it’s strangely quiet in the house. There are no more Doritos, and only enough laundry for half-loads. I haven’t seen a single episode of Whose Line is it Anyway, and I’ve worn jeans that come all the way up to my waist. What’s a bereft mother to do? Clean his bathroom? Check. Discuss aiming? When he gets back. Go through his closet and get rid of clothes that don’t fit him? Check. Have the carpets cleaned? Check. Once the housekeeping is done, there’s the reality of dealing with the reason for all the busy work. I miss him. Even though he can be a total pain in the butt, he’s my sonny-boy. So much of my life is dedicated to protecting him, taking care of him, and teaching him ways to take care of himself. And that’s what good moms do. But in four years, he’ll have to take care of himself, all by himself. And he’ll be protecting other people if his dream of becoming a Navy SEAL comes true. BUT WHAT ABOUT ME??!! What am I supposed to do for the next ten days? Host the next Bunco Barbies party? Have only roasted vegetables and Pinot Grigio for dinner? Go see the movies I want to see? Hike Escalante Canyon with Dan? Come and go as I please? On second thought, ten days really isn’t very long.