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Small Town Blues

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Sometimes I’m in serious need of a big-city fix. Grand Junction is a nice place to live, but we’re suffering more and more from big-city disadvantages without the corresponding advantages. We’ve got too much crime, too many drugs, burgeoning gang problems about which we seem to be in denial, traffic issues, growth issues, and on and on. What we don’t have are the things I really like about big-cities that make all the other stuff tolerable. Lots of ethnic restaurant choices, upscale shopping, wide variety of entertainment options and people out and about on the city streets past 10:00 p.m. who are having fun legally. Oh, boy - please don’t comment and tell me if I don’t like it here I can move. This is not a bitch session about GJ. I like living here. It’s my home for several more years at least. And yes, we have all the above-mentioned stuff, just not in large quantities. It’s just that, cue the music, sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name. And you want to go to a stadium that seats more than half the entire population of GJ and happily plunk down $6.00 for a nasty Budweiser. And go to more than one mall on any given day, and go to the other three the next day. Alex and I were born and lived in big cities. He is definitely a big-city boy. He likes the action, the options, and the eating of gyros, curry, dim-sum and cannolis. He is fun to travel with and likes to go to lots of places once the destination is reached. He is equally happy to just hang out and veg in that same destination. So our mini-excursion to Denver this weekend was good for both of us. I went to the mall, he shopped for lacrosse stuff with his dad. We all went to the Pepsi Center Saturday night to watch the Crush play arena ball. I never heard of it until a few hours before we went - it’s indoor football played on a 50-yard field. It was fun and we had a great time. Then we cruised downtown. Did some other city stuff on Sunday and then I drove back over the mountains while Alex stayed behind to enjoy more of the front-range with his dad. It was a really beautiful drive back and I saw one helluva sunset. Honestly though, I could have used another day in the big-city. It was a lot of driving for a short break. I find myself kind of homesick for big city life. I could be suffering from a bit of grass-is-always-greener syndrome, but I’m not looking for a cure anytime soon. Next stop . . . . Seattle? San Francisco? Chicago? D.C.?