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Something tells me that I should just get used to it

By Robin Dearing
As I was backing the car out of the driveway to run some errands Saturday, I saw this face: Pout.jpg So inspired by it's mopey nature that I stopped the car and pulled out my camera. And this wasn't the first time that Pouty McPouterson's pernicious pout sent me running for my Nikon. Here's a snapshot from March of this year: Pout 2.jpg What's remarkable about this shot is that I didn't have my camera with me when she began her stone-faced protest. Nope, I had to go inside the house, root around in my bag and then return ... all the while Ms. Sourpuss sat like she was carved out of stone waiting for me. My husband asked me why I take the time to snap photos of our little darling in this rather unflattering light. Honestly, I like the idea of having a record of as many aspects of my only daughter as possible. I don't want the same smiling-faced picture over and over again. I like to capture the variety of her being. She's so dynamic. I'd hate to look back on her childhood as one, big, toothy grin.