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Sweet Sounds

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
When I named my son after a philosopher, I didn't stop to think what that may do to his personality. Soren is a very serious little man. He looks at the world around him with a mostly stony face. In most pictures he is in complete thoughtful observation. But he finally laughed! (Sigh of relief) Thank goodness. I was starting to think he didn't have a sense of humor; my own being a little off at times. He finds the voice of Yoda funny. Who would have known he was a Star Wars fan? But, sure enough, a little Yoda voice and some cheek pinching got a couple of bonifide giggles out of the little guy. smile.jpg It was a week late, but I finally got my Mother's Day present. As predicted, my eyes did well up with pride and joy. The laughter of babies is the best sound in the whole world!