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The Neater Feeder

By Richie Ann Ashcraft

We still have that dog Kip.

I mention it that way because there have been a few times when I thought Kip wouldn't make as an Ashcraft. I can't say training him has been easy or brag about how he's the smartest dog ever.

In particular, he can't seem to get this potty-training thing down. The first two months absolutely sucked. I cleaned dog excrements out of my carpet daily. He's better now, but I don't altogether trust him yet. Seems like just when I finally think he gets it, boom, there's a present in my basement.

On top of that, he does just about every annoying puppy thing ever invented by puppies. Chewing, check. Eating furniture, check. Barfing up kid socks, check. If you grab any book about puppies and read about all their annoying tendencies, Kip does every single one.

For all his sucky qualities though, he's equally matched in adoreable one. He can sit, stay, lay-down. He's a cuddle bug. He's got riding in the car down and even doesn't mind riding around in a canoe. He's as loyal as they come.

Training has been a pretty big learning curve for us as well. We've never had a dog for which we were totally responsible. The kids have had to learn about how to treat their dog. And, I had to consult Google for advice for just about everything.

Here's how naive I am about dogs: When I first walked into the local big box pet store, I had no idea how many aisles of dog supplies there were. Collars and bones and shoes and backpacks and leashes galore. I lingered over the fancy dog bowls and thought to myself, "Why would anybody buy such a fancy dish for their dog?" I concluded that Kip was just fine using a couple of Tupperware bowls.

Then, Kip picked up his dish of water and carried it across the kitchen floor. I was wiser suddenly.

So, I went back to the store in search of something heavy. I purchased heavy ceramic bowls. They worked okay, except the water bowl was so small that I had to refill it 10 times a day. Wiser again. Until one day, I came around the corner and accidently kicked one bowl into the other. One shattered, spreading food and ceramic shards everywhere, while the other sloshed water. Now, I was back to Tupperware.

When I got an email asking if I'd try the Neater Feeder Mess Proof Pet Feeding System, I thought "How did they know?"

I absolutely agreed to try it.

The Neater Feeder stacks in two parts. The upper part holds a generous water and a food bowl. I has high sides to prevent slop and a slotted trough that catches food. Any spilled water flows into the tray on the bottom level.

It works!

I cannot even tell you how excited I am to not have this dog bowl problem anymore. There's no water on the floor, not food, and even if I come around the corner and kick it, nothing will happen. It even prevents 3-year-olds from making a mess when they want to play "Drop the food into the water."

I love my Neater Feeder, and no, nobody payed me to say that.

The Neater Feeder comes in a variety of sizes for cats and dogs. It's won numerous awards and deserves every single one. Get your very own Neater Feeder at www.neaterfeeder.com.

Now, if they could just give me something to keep Kip from pooping in the house ..... hmmmm.


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What a smart product! Quincy would always dump her food all over the floor so she could pick through each piece of kibble. We tried a bunch of bowls and ended up with a giant shallow pan. But I bet the Neater Feeder would’ve worked great for her.

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