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The D Word

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Here’s the thing. Denial can be your friend. Ignorance sometimes truly is bliss. And things that you don’t know about are things that you don’t need to deal with. But dang, sooner or later you’re gonna find out that your kid is doing things, saying things or behaving in ways that are not acceptable to you. And when you find out, you have to deal with it. I hate that part. Discipline is constant. Discipline is eternal. Discipline never gives up. (Is that in the bible somewhere?) I’m not talking punishment. That’s a whole different topic. I’m talking the constant vigilance that comes with being a parent. Especially a single parent. (Did I get any sympathy points with that one? Mmmm, didn’t think so.) I like one of Webster’s definitions of discipline: behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control. So discipline involves patrolling the fine line between respecting privacy boundaries and knowing at all times what your kid is doing and with whom he’s doing it. It’s about sticking your nose where your kid would just as soon you never stick it, and being able to smell if there’s anything amiss. And when something doesn’t pass the sniff test, you need to instill behavior in accord with rules of conduct. You need to train and control – in a good way. That’s the part I hate. I’m the mom. I’m the milk and cookies girl. I don’t want to do the discipline thing! I like the sand around my head! I don’t want to start yet another conversation with, “Alex, I’d like to talk about . . . . “ or, “Alex, we’ve had this conversation before . . . “ or, “Alex, how many times do I have to tell you . . . “. But because I’m a good parent - yes Alex, I am - I must do the discipline thing. Constantly. Eternally. Without ever giving up. But I’m so tired of it! Why can’t they just get it the first time and blindly obey, dangitall? Even though I’m a good parent, I don’t think I’m the best disciplinarian. I have good intentions, but sometimes lack the follow-through. I’d rather hang out with my friend Dee Nial. She’s just so easy to get along with.