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The first report card

By Robin Dearing
My kid started kindergarten last August — it has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. She is a very bright and very precocious child. She has been doing very well academically so far this year. Her behavior ... well, that's another matter altogether. She went through a period in which she was getting time-outs daily at both school and her daycare. Mostly her problem was that she was talking and horsing around instead of doing her work. We took this very seriously and tried in several different ways to get her to understand the importance of being a good student and learning as much as she can. Mar First Day.jpgthose kids? You know the ones, all touchy-grabby with their little kid hands and feet getting all up in everyone else's business. Yikes! So now I am saddled with how to teach a bossy kid with no self-control to keep her hands and feet to herself. Do they have special summer camps for kids who are impulsive, who don't understand personal space and want to tell everyone else what to do?