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The gifts we give our children

By Robin Dearing
Last week, Richie asked why I was holding out on you, our dear reader; why I wasn’t writing about what some may find to be the more interesting aspects of my life as a working mama. I never had a compelling reason or really good story. That is until now. See, I’m not just a secretary here at The Daily Sentinel, but I also play guitar for an all-girl rock ‘n’ roll band around town, Riveter. It’s fabulous fun and a great way to let off steam and work out the tensions that build from being a full-time mom and from working outside the home full time. I love that my daughter is being raised in a house full of music. My husband and his son, Sean, started the whole thing. Bill has been playing bass guitar for many, many years and his son began following his footsteps in middle school. For Margaret’s 3rd birthday, we bought her a drum kit. I was the only one who didn’t play an instrument. One day while I was sitting at my desk, I decided to change that. Now, three years later, I’m playing guitar in a band with three other very talented musicians and I love it. Margaret is only marginally interested in the fact that I play in a band. It’s not about her, so she doesn’t really care. But she’s getting to do things that most kids don’t get to do. For example, Friday night, my band opened a show at the Mesa Theater and Club, which featured the legendary ’80s ska band, The English Beat. Margaret and Sean came with me when we loaded in our equipment before the show. There they got to meet, not only the Beat’s original singer/guitar player, Dave Wakeling, but also touring with them at this time is Lynval Golding, guitar player for the Specials. This was going to be neither an ordinary show nor an ordinary experience for the kids. We had given them the opportunity to meet and watch these amazing musicians warm up and jam together. Margaret seemed nonplussed by the whole situation and instead of watching these famous musicians do their thing, she organized a spy hunt with my band members which led us to hop, skip and jump around the Mesa Theater. During our sound check, Margaret sat at the Sky Bar with Bill and watched us from the top of the club. This is not something that every mom can offer to her kids. And I love that I’m able to share these things with mine.