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The “Wing It” Mom

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
“In the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that we’ve ran a few articles specifically about moms. Have we always done this? Perhaps so and I was oblivious because such articles didn’t apply to me prior to 12 weeks ago. The article, “Personality plays a role in parenting style? threw all sorts of new issues at me that I didn•t even know existed. For instance, mothers are competitive? There’s some kind of underlying…?I•m a better mother than you are? judgment going on? Uh-oh, I didn•t know I was going to get a performance review. And did you know there is such a thing as a mothering style? I did not know that. But since it’s based on the Meyer’s Briggs Type Indicator it must be accurate. The results of my college test said I should work in the food service industry…yeah-NOT! I want to know what kind of 12 week job review I’d get so I consulted the all-knowing Internet oracle to find out and found this Guess What! I’m a “kind? mother to my son. I don•t know what that means exactly but I’m pretty glad I don’t have a predisposed “unkind? mothering personality. However, it asked me questions that I had no possible way of answering at this point like how I will feel when he goes to school. I•m more of a “we’ll deal with that later? kinda mom. Actually that seems to be my approach to most of my mothering ability at this point. I figure I•ll get a general idea of the subject and then just wing it when we get there. I have a “wing it? mothering personality. Then there•s the feeler mom vs. the thinking mom. Well, I want to be both. Can’t I be both? I mean, who wants to be an emotional feeler stupid mom or a nonemotional smart boring mom? What kinda choice is that? And then just as my synapses start to misfire, the article throws another rattle into my carriage spokes: “One important arena to make an informed choice based on personality type is volunteering, something just about every mom is asked to do.? What? I have to volunteer now? Man, this mom thing is complicated. I deserve way more than the hypothetical $86,000 a year I should be getting for this job.