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These Lizards don’t slither!

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Alex just finished the inaugural Grand Valley lacrosse season and I’ll tell you what – I am a bona fide lacrosse Mom! I’ve spent most weekends in April and May on some of the most beautiful sports fields I’ve ever seen. What an awesomely fun game and what an incredible team of kids and coaches we had! Grand Valley lacrosse (a.k.a. team name “Lizards?) has 22 kids from various middle schools around the valley, including Hotchkiss. They held their very first practice just after spring break. This team really jelled from the start, and had a winning season that included playing teams that had years of experience. Alex and Mom#1.jpg The thing I like best about lacrosse is that the games are short and there are only about two rules • no hitting another player in the head or kidneys with your stick. The thing the kids like best is that the game is a mix of soccer, football and hockey. You get to run, pass, kick, catch and smash into other players. It was amusing to witness the kids choose nick names for other players. Their goalie was dubbed Buddah, one pretty aggressive player became known as Steroid Stu, and two of the littlest but toughest guys on the team whose jersey numbers are 1 and 2 got the monikers Thing One and Thing Two. They were like little mosquitoes buzzing around and taking out guys easily twice their size. The last game was played yesterday in Aspen (surrounded by the Maroon Bells and the usual 95,000 square foot Aspen homes). Aspen had enough players to sub in a whole new team about every five minutes. Our kids had to be exhausted but you never knew it. They beat them 11-8. It was a nail-biter for me, and I really did try to tone down my cheering. I apparently cheer a lot. And loudly. And for everything. Alex’s dad told me “You don’t have to cheer for the grass growing.? I happen to think that the grass is an important part of the game. But even Alex had to concede it was worth it. •Mom, we only lost two games and that was when you weren’t there to cheer.? See?! Lacrosse team.jpg It can be a hassle driving your kid back and forth to practice 3 or 4 times a week. The cost of the equipment, team fees and gas to drive to games ain•t cheap. But seeing your kid race back to the starting line positively jubilant after scoring a goal is priceless. Dad and Alex.jpg Congratulations Grand Valley Lacrosse, and many thanks to the coaches who made it all happen for the kids! For a Sentinel sports story on the Lizards - go here. http://www.gjsentinel.com/sports/content/sports/stories/2006/05/20/5_21_bm_Lacrosse_arrives_WWW.html