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Three weeks

By Robin Dearing
Three weeks until school starts and my kid will start the first grade. It’s been a great, albeit hectic, summer. Our plans to finally finish painting our house went out with the bath water. So another summer has come and gone and our white-trash slip is still hanging below our skirt. We really have no excuse, Bill is an instructor at the campus formerly known as UTEC (now called WCCC) and has summers off. So theoretically, he had the time. But the theoretical world doesn’t seem to apply to us. We never had a minute to spare; most weekends were devoted to one obligation or another. And we filled our “free? weekends with activities designed to mend my always-fraying nerves. As I sit and reflect on the last two and a half months, I can•t even remember what we did that took up so much of our time. How does that happen? But there’s no time to lament the summer past, as we still have three weekends left. We’re going to be doing some more camping, swimming and bike riding. There will be more grilling and it’s finally time to eat peaches … ah, those glorious Palisade peaches. And then the heat will lift and fall will come. We will settle into our school-time routine and make plans for next summer.