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Too darn hot

By Robin Dearing
100.8 That was Margaret’s temperature this morning and I had to take it with her mouth open since it’s been six days since she’s been able to breath out of nose. And six days since she’s been fever free. And six days since she’s done more than lie on the sofa and cough. The doctor said it is a bad cold. We’ve heard this particular cold called the respiratory flu. And that’s pretty appropriate. It’s got a hold of my little girl and it’s not letting go. Margaret perked up last night to the point of being almost annoying while my dear Tracee and I tried to watch the season premier of Survivor (it’s embarrassing how much we love that show — I won’t mention that we play a game every week that involves ballots and accumulating points, because some might find that sad. We’re not sad, we’re enthusiastic!). We had even thought that she might be able to go back to school today. But that fever this morning meant that it was not to be. She’s missed an entire week of school. Believe me, you do not want to get this cold. Just to be on the safe side, I keep Richie at arm’s length so she doesn’t breathe up one of these uber-germs and get herself sick while she’s all busy growing another person and all. Neither Bill nor I are particularly interested in getting this cold either so we’re trying to eat well, drink lots of fluids and get enough sleep (which are all difficult to do with our hectic schedules, but we’re making the effort). I started feeling poorly yesterday so I started using Zicam to help fend off this scary monster virus. I hope it works. If it doesn’t you’ll be reading a lot more complaining about this illness next week. Here’s to a happy — and healthy — Friday!