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Twiztt review

By Richie Ann Ashcraft

After talking to Joan Lunden last Friday, I took home my sample Twiztt pan and made Joan Lunden omelettes.

A Joan Lunden omelette is ham, cheese, and any assortment of vegetables I had in my fridge on a Friday night.

We haven't owned a nonstick pan in a long, long time. The reason is Marty and I had a pet parakeet that we LOVED in college and our vet and told us that cooking with nonstick pans in a small apartment would kill him.

It's something Joan brought up in our interview, the fact that traditional nonstick pans release PFOA or Perfluorooctanoic acid. It's a likely carcinogen, one that the EPA has been trying to eliminate for more than a decade.

Thing is, people like them some pretty eggs and pretty eggs can only be accomplished in a nonstick pan.

Having not used a nonstick pan in such a long time, I wasn't sure if I needed to spray some PAM, which led to another conversation between the hubby and I about hydroflourocarbons, isobutane and propane in cooking spray. Yeah, we'll probably stop using that.

And the great thing is, with Twiztt, there's no need for spray.

The first omelette I made was picture perfect. It slid out of the pan without so much as a crumb. I was so excited.

The second omelette was a little less pretty, which makes perfect sense. Ceramic is highly heat efficient and takes a long time to cool. I used medium heat but the pan was already hot which cooked my next batch of egg mixture rather quickly. It didn't stick, but it had a brown bottom when I flipped it.

It's something I think you'd get used to after using that kind of cookware on a regular basis. I'd guess that some dishes would need turned off prior to finish because the heat from the pan would finish the cooking. Most likely it could have a real advantage in a pot because water and other liquids would boil faster and return to a boil faster after adding pasta or rice.

I think Joan Lunden chose well when she decided to back Twizzt. I wouldn't want to put my name on junk and it's obvious from the quality of the cookware that she doesn't either.

Speaking of which, I think I'd love a Twizzt pot for pasta under the tree — hint hint Santa.


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I love how conscientious and deliberate Joan is. After talking with her, I was excited to see her pans, so Bill and I made a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Alas, our store doesn’t have the pans yet, but you can order them online, Santa.

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