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Up and Running

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Haute Mamas! In case you’re wondering haute means fashionably elegant and is pronounced “oat?. Not only are we elegant, we•re cool supermoms in different stages of momhood. We have it covered from teenager to baby. I won’t say we know it all since I‘m the rookie but we want to connect with other moms, solicit and give advice, plus provide entertaining stories of life on the homefront. Denny, a.k.a. My Boss, doesn’t waste any time in getting the ball rolling when he hears a good idea. He said yes and we were running full speed ahead. In a day, we blogger moms brainstormed, posed for a photo shoot in the park, came up with our trendy new blog name, made lists of potential topics, and enlisted the help of our resident web genius to handle the technical end of creation. (Thanks Chris!) At first I was overwhelmed with the speed at which we were working, but as I fell into the hammock that night I realized it’s just all in a days work. I may be new at this, but it gives me confidence in knowing I CAN brainstorm, create, look pretty, write something decent, cook something yummy for dinner, and take care of my family, all before the sun goes down.