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We try to eat healthy but….

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
All kinds of statistics about what we should or shouldn't be eating are available on any slow news day. The information is impossible to keep up with. One day we should be eating lots of fish for their Omega fatty acids and another day we should avoid fish altogether due to mercury levels exceeding acceptable standards. Eat more vegetables but don't drown them in dressing 'cuz then you might as well be eating a cheeseburger. Eat eggs...no don't...eat salt...no don't. And on and on. Most of the time I choose to ignore the information but I think this article is probably really true and I see it happening in my own house. It basically says that parents with toddlers in the home eat more fat than childless people. Now that the babyfood making is done (for the moment anyway) we've moved on to setting kid friendly meals on the table. By kid friendly, I mean something that is physically possible for a kid with six teeth to eat. It's unreasonable to think he's going to sit down to a steak dinner because it just isn't physically possible for him. My meal planning has definately changed. I wouldn't say drastically but the changes are evident. I don't think toddlers should have special meals prepared for them but I do have to put some thought into what SoJo can eat and make sure the meal centers around that entree. My cooking has become rather bland whereas it used to be spicy. I love to cook with full robust flavors and I've had to tone that down considerably. And, I'll admit I'm guilty of a buying some prepackaged kid friendly food just for convenience like ravioli's, mac-n-cheese, and fish sticks. It's not often but I've done it. I'll also admit that I pop a few fish sticks in the oven for myself or finish off a disgarded hamburger. Prior to Soren I'd never have had those temptations in the house. But the article overlooks the fact that I think a lot of parents still try to eat sensibly despite their limited food choices. We always have a starch, meat, and vegetable on the plate. If the kid eats it...fine...if he doesn't...well, he'll just have to wait until the next snack or meal. We never make something special just for him. And, thanks to my hubby, this has been our saving grace: garden.jpg For six weeks we've been eating fresh spinach, mustard greens, and mixed lettuce. Those who say it's too early don't know anything about gardening. Soren loves his spinach and mommy is growing a whole other person so she needs it too. Everyone in our house is getting fatter except for daddy which is exactly how it should be at the moment. There are 30 heirloom tomato plants, 20 various peppers, and two rows of peas in the ground. A variety of herbs are waiting in the cold frame for a warm planting day. So despite the tendency to serve fattier foods for Soren's sake, we are trying to put quality food on the table. Oh, and if you're in the mood for salad....we have enough to share!