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By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Well, it's official. I'm pregnant and I'm wearing the clothes to prove it. richie.jpg I had to sacrifice a pretty penny for this tent shirt. For the moment, I now have shirts free of sticky peanut butter stains from groping hands, but it won't be long before all my shirts have that perpetual stain across the stomach from washing dishes and cooking dinner. Thank goodness that a Motherhood Maternity came to this town. I don't know what a working girl would do without that store, although Sears was pretty good to me this time around. I guess it didn't used to be so nice. According to this website, Sears used to offer some sew your own patterns. Sew My Own?? What the hell? Whatever! clothes.jpg As the website points out the models aren't actually pregnant. Yeah, I bet that pantsuit looked great over a big belly. Other products of days gone by on that site are interesting like this first class throne. potty.jpg Every kid will learn to potty within just a few days of being strapped down naked for a few hours. I have to try on a million clothes before I finally pic a few pieces. It sure isn't easy to cover an odd shaped pregnant body. But, it's nice that they label clothes medium instead of the XXXL that they really are. The sales girls are sympathetic and never cast a judgmental eye when you ask for a larger size. It's worth the extra money to feel pretty when you're body is changing into a giant incubator.