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Worth a thousand words

By Robin Dearing
bloody nose 2.jpg And she did have a bloody nose last night. Notice how she used my red editing pen (she came to work with me this morning before school) to draw in the blood trickle coming out of her nose. She loves my red editing pen and has been obsessed with the ink's similarity to blood for a couple of years now. Here's a picture she drew when she was 4. When she was done drawing these little creatures, she happily announced that they were blood cats. blood cats.jpg Then she went into a tirade about how my red pen was full of blood. Now that I think about it, all her drawings that I keep on my desk border on the macabre. Look at this one: Michael.jpg It's my dear, first-grader's interpretation of a scene from the TV show, "The Office" where one of the characters burns his foot on a George Foreman grill. And, of course, I can't forget the time that Margaret told my Haute Mama cohort, Lynn, about when her grandfather fell against their wood stove and "blood and steam came out." (She wasn't there when this occurred. She overheard the story and added the "blood and steam" part herself.) It's all starting to make me wonder if she's got some kind of proclivity for blood. If so, I hope she ends up as a phlebotomist and not one of those pale pseudo vampire people who dress in black all the time.