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You mean “Playdate” isn’t code for “Glass of Wine?”

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Stephanie here at Metro Mama brought to my attention a Today Show's recent piece about moms getting together to have a glass of wine while their children play together. You can watch it here. I swear it never even occured to me that it would be wrong to have one glass of wine in front of my kid. I'm with Melissa Summers that having a glass is no big deal. I think Meredith Viera totally attacked her unfairly in the interview. I mean what a riduculous question to ask if it was okay if babysitters got together for a drink. Everyone knows THAT is probably not okay especially if your babysitter is you know...13! Although I distinctly remember sitting down one evening last summer with my 27-year-old babysitter and having not one but two glasses of white wine after I got off of work. And, our kids were there. And what about when my family gathers today for the Super Bowl? I know that there will be a bottle of beer in someone's hand and it doesn't bother me a bit. I think most reasonable people would believe that these moms know enough not to get drunk in front of their kids at a playdate and this issue was totally blown-out of proportion by the Today Show. And to be fair here is Meredith's reply to mom's like me. I left her a comment.