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You take the good, you take the bad ...

By Robin Dearing
Finally a weekend that wasn't completely full of activities. I think it's going to be the last one for a while so we really took advantage of it by sticking around the house for the most part. We did a little shopping (I hate to sound boastful, but I'm pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. Go me!), we ate out and generally just horsed around. being good.jpg We spent a lot of time with Margaret. Many times recently, I've caught her just being really good: reading, drawing, playing by herself. It feels so great ... like I've done something right. But then there were those times when she was difficult and petulant. A practice run through of her upcoming piano recital music for our friends, ended up with her sobbing in her room. I am always disappointed when Margaret acts up in front of company (or anytime really). I realize that she's a person with emotions and moods and she can't be perfect all of the time. But I want our friends and family to see what a bright, funny, well-behaved child she is so much of the time. It's like the fact that our ever-goofy dog ALWAYS jumps and licks and sits on anyone who comes over in a mad attempt to prove that she is the most desperate and needy dog that ever existed. But when it's just us at home, she sits calmly with us on the couch or plays in the backyard with or without our kid and generally is a good dog. I wonder if the key lies with me and my behavior ... gah, if that's the case then we are all doomed to being seen as socially unpleasant miscreants.