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Amazing tale of survival

By Penny Stine

I decided to clean this flower bed yesterday and took this photo before I got started just to show a before shot. Then I set my I-phone on the bumper of my husband's truck and forgot about it while I worked.

I cut back the dead stuff, raked out the bed and was carrying it all to the compost pile when my husband came out and said he was going to meet a friend in Fruita. I told him to have fun, and off he drove. With my cell phone on his bumper.

Luckily, he had his work phone with him and had left his personal cell phone at home. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember his work phone number (why don't we memorize phone numbers anymore???) and it took awhile before dumb luck intervened and I got ahold of him. By then, his truck was parked at a gas station in Fruita while he was off admiring an airplane in Mack. 

I asked which route he'd taken to the freeway, then retraced it all the way to his truck, keeping an eye out for my phone. I didn't find it and was planning on talking with someone from Verizon about the best thing to do after losing a phone, when I decided to go looking again. I went to the first big turn he made in the neighborhood and was walking on the side of the road and called my cell phone, hoping to hear it. 

My husband answered. He was on his way back from Fruita and he was keeping an eye out for my phone. He saw it on the other side of the freeway, laying on the white line. Yay for my husband's eagle-eye, which is obviously more eagly than mine. Yay for my Otterbox, which protected my phone, even when it flew off the bumper at 75 miles an hour and landed on the white stripe.
And yay for spring time, which is coming soon.
Here's the after photo I took (once I got over my shock at getting my phone back).




It may not look like much; still lots of brown, but there are plenty of plants growing in there.




Like these tulip and daffodil buds, which are showing signs of life.

Or this parsley, which gets tedious in the summer when it's growing faster than a weed, but which is kind of cool in February.  Cool, but not a true tale of amazing survival. That belongs to my cell phone. 


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