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KAFM Livens up the Radio Room

By David Goe
Friday, January 10, 2014

For KAFM’s 15th anniversary year, the community radio station is wasting no time getting the celebration started.

Cash Kiser, KAFM’s event and outreach coordinator, is kicking off the banner year with a fantastic rock show featuring Peanut Butter Lovesicle, Bronco Country and Wavebaby. Those are three bands, none of which you would expect to find playing the Radio Room, ready to blow what you think about KAFM out of the water.

“The Radio Room has historically been known as a ‘listening space’ rather than a full on, in your face, base thumping experience,” Kiser said.

In previous years, you’d typically find singer/songwriters and folk guitarist headlining the room, which prides itself in sharp, accurate sound. Rarely did full rock bands play the space.

To achieve a higher level of sound production capable of supporting rock bands, Kiser and co. made several changes to the space. New to the Radio Room in 2014 are a number of cosmetic fixes and upgrades to the sound system. Those upgrades include two larger subs, a 32-channel soundboard, upgraded speakers and additional amps to support low and high-end audio output.

“For something like a rock show, adding energy to the mix with subs and bigger amps while keeping the vocals crisp and clear will really bring the Radio Room experience to a new level. I hope it sets the bar in town for sound quality at a venue,” Kiser said.

The subs and amps are already in place for tonight and the full complement of sound improvements will be installed in time for the Tony Furtado show on Jan. 21.

Ready to test the new space Friday night, Jan. 10, are Grand Junction’s only surf/skate rock duo Wavebaby.

Anyone who has hung around the local music scene should recognize Wavebaby, the new project from former Heavy Drags members and skate bros for life, Gavin Bistodeau and Andrew Watson.

In Heavy Drags, Bistodeau played guitar while Watson assumed the role of lead singer and purveyor of mayhem. In the new band, the roles have been switched. Oh, Watson still brings the mayhem, only now behind a stripped down drum set. It’s Bistodeau who fronts the duo, a role that he is still getting comfortable with.

“I have to admit that I’m still terrified of singing into that mic in front of people,” Bistodeau said. “It’s getting a bit easier but normally it takes a few songs to rid myself of the shakes. By the time I get settled in, it’s already the end of the set and I want to keep going.”

While Bistodeau may deal with a bit of stage fright, it doesn’t show in the band’s live performances. The cohesion between Bistodeau and Watson is obvious and their sets come off just as confident as Heavy Drags’ sets ever did.

“Andrew is like a brother to me,” Bistodeau said. “I’ve looked up to him for a long time and feel lucky to have him as a friend and a band mate.”

“Writing tunes with [Watson] has always come naturally, probably because we’re into the same kind of stuff. You know the little skater punks pumping down the street blasting Misfits and Minor Threat? That was us. We definitely share the same blurry vision that is Wavebaby,” Bistodeau said.

In addition to upgraded sound equipment and more bookings for local rock bands such as Wavebaby and Bronco Country, KAFM also is making an investment in the community’s youth.

Kiser promises that the Radio Room will not alienate its current customer base and will continue to book all genres of music, but it is obvious that several shows — Friday night’s and the upcoming Photo Atlas, Obtuse and CheapArt show, for example — will cater to younger audiences who are likely unfamiliar with KAFM.

“I’ve never been to the Radio Room. I’m interested to see what it’s all about,” Bistodeau said. “Anytime you can get a bunch of our friends together, funky things will happen. As long as the crowd and your friends are having fun, dancing, laughing or whatever, you’re doing something right.”

As we will see Friday night. It looks like KAFM is definitely doing something right. 


Dirtylektric Release New EP

By David Goe
Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's a new year and that means new releases. On a local level, the first new release of 2014 comes from rock trio Dirtylektric. They just dropped a new, six-song EP which is available now from the band. Listen to the album now through Spotify or head over to the band's website

On the new album, Dirtylektric blend classic rock, blues, and stoner riffs together for a Led Zeppelin meets The White Stripes sort of sound. 

Join Dirtylektric at their album release party this Saturday, January 11, at the Mesa Theater and Club, where the band will be playing in the Sky Bar (!) in the main room. 


What to Look For in 2014

By David Goe
Friday, December 27, 2013

At the end of each year, music journalists tend to go list crazy, compiling articles on the top songs, albums, shows, whatever, of the year. Believe me, it’s easy copy to pump out when you’re distracted by real life problems such as managing your fantasy football team to a championship.

I’ve certainly authored my fair share of “Best Of 2013” lists on Music On The Goe, the online portion of this column, including favorite songs of the year and favorite live shows picked, with help, by various music promoters and venue owners in the area.

I could rehash my thoughts on favorite album of the year (Disclosure’s “Settle”) or my favorite song of the year (Katy Pery’s “Roar”) or favorite live show of the year (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Colorado Mesa University) or even my favorite after-party of the year (the disappearing bottle of Buffalo Trace party with Tender Loving Empire band’s Radiation City and Brainstorm), but you can get all that content online already

Instead of using the next 450 words or so to talk about all the amazing music and shows that happened this year let’s focus on all the amazing music and shows that will happen next year.

On the national scene, take note of producer Danger Mouse.

Danger Mouse, who made his name mashing up the Beatles’ “White Album” with Jay-Z’s “Black Album” and has worked with everyone from CeeLo Green to Jack White and The Black Keys, has two highly anticipated projects coming out in 2014.

The first project is a new album from Broken Bells, Danger Mouse’s band with the Shins front man James Mercer. Titled “After the Disco,” the first single “Holding On For Life” has a heavy psyched out, nu disco vibe and vocals reminiscent of the Bee Gees. Based on that track alone, the album is sure to be their catchiest yet and is available next month.

More interestingly, Danger Mouse also collaborated with U2 on an untitled new album, which the band plans to officially announce during a Super Bowl commercial in February.

“We’re working with Danger Mouse, who’s a smart guy,” U2 bassist Adam Clayton said in an interview with Billboard Magazine. “He’s on it; he’s excited. It’s a great team and feels very liberating at the moment — anything goes.”

U2 reportedly also spent time recording with, Davie Guetta and RedOne, which is very intriguing. Their album has the makings of massive hit and is going to be a must listen.

Also slated for 2014 are new albums from Adele, the Foo Fighters, Elbow, Bruce Springsteen and Beck, as well as a “lost” album from the 1980s by Johnny Cash called “Out Among the Stars.”

On the local front, look for new recordings from surf duo Wave Baby and power trio Dirtylektric.

Wave Baby is in the studio now finishing up recording and will play the first big show of the new year at the KAFM Radio Room on Jan. 10 with Bronco Country and New York City crew Peanut Butter Lovesicle.

Dirtylektric on the other hand has its new album finished and mastered and it will be available early 2014.

On the venue side of things, it looks like the 4th Door Art and Music Collective is set to reopen early next year. The 4th Door is an all ages, no drugs, no alcohol DIY venue that has hosted a number of shows in the past, including last year’s battle of the bands, and is a much needed option for local musicians.

From the look of things, I think 2014 is going to be a fine year for music, both nationally and locally. I can’t wait.


The Arctic Monkeys Rule ... That Is All

By David Goe
Friday, December 13, 2013

Cryptozoologists think that some animals, widely considered to be mythological in nature, live and breathe and roam the earth just like you and me.

These pseudo-scientists scour the natural world for indisputable proof that Bigfoot, dinosaurs and lake monsters not only exist, but thrive.

Yeah, it’s ridiculous, yet their optimism is quite charming.

By its name, the Arctic Monkeys sound like cryptids on par with the Appalachian Black Panther and Jersey Devil. The Arctic Monkeys are, in fact, a band, specifically a wildly popular band (think U2 or Radiohead levels of fanfare) on the European side of the Atlantic with a string of No. 1 albums and sold out stadium tours. You know, the stuff of rock lore.

Stateside however, it’s been a different story. This quartet’s been nothing more than a niche indie band with rumored greatness and a name too silly to be believed.

Until very recently, the Arctic Monkeys only left us Yanks with anecdotal evidence regarding its overall mastery. I’d tell anyone who would listen about my early sightings of the group, but when asked for hard proof of its excellence I could only present unconvincing blurry cellphone footage.

But this perception of a band on the fringe is changing quickly with its latest album, “AM,” and the unlikely crossover hit single “Do I Wanna Know?”

From appearing on Bacardi Rum ads to charting on a number of “Best Of 2013” lists, “AM” has proven to be the gateway to America that has eluded the band for years. That’s saying something, too.

Arctic Monkeys’ 2006 debut album, “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not,” is the fastest selling debut British album of all time and a stone cold modern classic. The next three albums weren’t too shabby, either.

Making the transition from indie famous to mainstream famous is all due to one 3-minute, 24-second track, the decidedly riff-heavy monster “R U Mine.” With falsetto harmonies and pure white-boy funk, that tune is at this point the best song the band has ever written (at this point).

While “Do I Wanna Know?” gets the radio spins, “R U Mine” is the song that inspired “AM” and set the band’s rise to prominence in motion.

In the single shot, black and white video for “R U Mine,” you see a band consciously remaking its entire image. Prior to “R U Mine,” the band’s music consisted of hook-less rock songs about chip shops and pub scraps. Gone are the shaggy haircuts and track jackets. It’s now tapered haircuts, black motorcycle boots and leather, lots of black leather.

The band’s new sound was much more in line with contemporary R&B and features big, recognizable choruses and sexy smooth grooves.

Since permanently relocating from England to Los Angeles, the influence of car and motorcycle culture is all over the band’s new material. The new album was written with the goal of sounding great while cruising down the palm tree-lined streets of L.A.

“I want (‘AM’) to sound good in the car, the way 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ does,” said Alex Turner, the band’s lead singer and primary songwriter, in an interview with London’s “Guardian” newspaper.

Turner wanted to write songs so good you couldn’t skip them when they came on the radio, a la “In Da Club.”

Admittedly, I am a biased judge of this band, because to me it is perfect. Every album, every song is a gem. “AM,” however, is undeniable proof of a band operating at the highest level of confidence.

If “Do I Wanna Know?” is the gateway, wait until “R U Mine,” “Arabella” or “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” get their claws in you.

The Arctic Monkeys are on the verge of superstardom in the States, something that until recently, I thought truly improbable.

With “AM” the band proves that in the end, good music wills out, and sometimes the ridiculous can indeed become reality.


Arctic Monkeys Top 50 Tunes Ranked

By David Goe
Thursday, December 12, 2013

In preparation of tomorrow's article about the Arctic Monkeys improbably rise to superstardom I've created the ultimate playlist. Many people are just discovering the band thanks to their excellent album "AM." Here to get you caught up on all things Arctic Monkeys (they've been quite busy over the last 7 years) is their top 50 tunes, ranked. 

One to 50, the following songs were ranked by me with help from fellow fanatics Alex Maenchen and Michael Goe. Each song was ranked according to lyric content, catchiness, musicality, and its importance to the band's growth. The list is fairly comprehensive but does not contain two keys songs, the bands cover of The Beatles "Come Together" and their cover of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home." Those songs were omitted simply because they were not available on Spotify.  


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