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GWAR-B-Q Sauce Approved for Human Consumption

By David Goe
Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scanning the merch table at tonight's Gwar show, you'll find more than just T-shirts and albums for sale. GWAR-B-Q sauce, "personally created for human consumption by none other than GWAR’s steel-faced guitar player, Balsac, the Jaws of Death" is a tangy addition to the interstellar band's offerings. 

GWAR-B-Q Sauce was created to "pour on dead things and then ram them into that great, greasy pothole you call a mouth," 43-billion-year-old Oderus Urungus from the planet Scumdogia said in a previous interview. According to Balsac the Jaws of Death the sauce is "mostly made out of the blood of really hot chicks." 

The sauce coincides with the band's 4th Annual GWAR-B-Q in Richmond Virginia, a music spectacular for all Gwar slaves. This year's event is the most bone-crushing ever as the Antarctic rock gods will also release their own beer, Impaled Ale.

"Eat and drink yourself into a diabetic stupor, then puke it all up in the slam pit! It's going to rule!" promises Oderus.  

Pick up a bottle of your own tonight during Gwar's "Bloody Pit of Horror" show at the Mesa Theater. Be there or suffer the shame of being incredibly pathetic!


Stream Coachella Live

By David Goe
Saturday, April 13, 2013

So that big gigantic music festival thing is happening right now in Indio Valley and while you can't be there in person you can stream the entire thing from home.

Tune to Coachella live tonight and all day tomorrow to see sets from Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, Postal Service, Major Lazer, Moby, The Lumineers, Vampire Weekend, Wu-Tang Clan,  and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Hey, it's the next best thing to being there in person.  


Strangefellow’s One Stone Cold Hustler

By David Goe
Friday, April 12, 2013

It seems like everyone refers to themselves as a DJ these days. Meet anyone under the age of 30 and what do they do? They DJ. Hey, that's cool, the more the merrier. If you are going to call yourself a DJ however there are some things you need to know.

If you're ever going to get respect from the community you've to be solid in three areas: know your technology, be creative with your mixing, and be a persistent self promoter. Drop the ball in any of those areas and it's just not going to happen for you.

Spinning tonight at KAFM's Radio Soul Train benefit is a DJ to admire. He goes by DJ Strangefellow. Grand Junction has a talented DJ scene and Strangefellow is at, or near the top of the heap.

With a digital controller, two midi pads, and a laptop, Strangefellow's armed with a world of sounds at his fingertips ready to deliver. That's a lot of buttons to keep track of, yet somehow they all get pushed in the correct order to create maximal craziness.

Self described as "amorphous conscious crunk electronica," he's got a style all his own. Breaking the barriers of usual club burners, Strangefellow is a progressive performing digital DJ. At any moment he could be combining vocal samples, digital effects, and studio tracks together to make live remixes on the fly.

Tonight it’s a little bit of a different story as the theme is “Soul Train.”

“I'm mashing together a thick one hour set of pure funk and disco,” the Strangefellow said. “No funny stuff, just the goods, the real deal Holyfield.”

While his performances are often filthy roller coaster rides of dance music, the one thing that truly separates him from the pack is his game. Strangefellow is a stone cold hustler.

He's the man who organized Radio Soul Train and the guy behind Zombie Prom. He's the creator behind Sushi Beatz at No Coast or Tomato Beatz at the Hot Tomato on Wednesdays. He's the guy starting to party.

“Citizens of the Grand Valley love music, love to dance, and love to celebrate good causes. I just give them an opportunity to do what they love.”

Check out DJ Strangefellow tonight with DJ Skip Naft, Goe Goe (yours truly) featuring The Rev, and Dusty Thunders. It is a good time for a good cause.

*Photo courtesy of FenlonPhoto.


Why KAFM Matters

By David Goe
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

KAFM Community Radio is currently in Fund Drive mode, raising cash to keep the station operational. Culminating with Radio Soul Train at the Mesa Theater this Friday, the Fund Drive is a great introduction to the station and what they stand for. I've been a supporter of the station for quite sometime and still believe it is relevant to the Grand Valley. It's truly the only station where local bands can get airtime (see the current Battle of the Bands contest) and the only station where YOU can meaningfully shape the sound.  

Last October I wrote this article about the KAFM Fall Fund Drive.  While the Fund Drive dates have changed the message still remains pertinent. 


“Rock ain’t about doing things perfect,” says Jack Black in the movie “School of Rock.” “Do you wanna rock? You gotta break the rules. You gotta get mad at the man and right now I’m the man… Who’s got the guts to tell me off?”

KAFM Community Radio does. It’ll stick it to the man all right. KAFM and its tireless volunteers are up for the task.

On Friday, Oct. 5, KAFM starts its Fall Fund Drive. “Whoopity doo” you’re probably saying. Well guess what? If you dig music, and I mean live and die and sweat and cry over music, really dig it, then it’s time to tune in.

“Left on the dial, right on the music,” as my man and fellow volunteer DJ Allen likes to say. KAFM is one of the last true and real music resources left, not only in Grand Junction, but in the country.

One of less than 200 community radio stations in the United States, KAFM is free from the shackles of corporate run, for-profit radio. The man has no power over KAFM. The man has no sway over volunteer DJs, your co-workers and neighbors and friends, playing and sharing music from their hearts. It’s your station. You determine its fate.

I’ve been involved with the station for over six years, sharing new music during my shows on Friday and Saturday nights. When I first started I selfishly thought I would bring change to Grand Junction. I would be the enlightened one, perched in front of the mic on top of Mount KAFM, spreading the new gospel of rock ‘n’ roll to the masses, sticking it to the man in my own way.

After meeting station volunteers I quickly realized I was not alone on my quest. There are more people than I could have ever imagined who passionately love and breath music. Though we differ in taste, our convictions are the same.

The one comment I regularly receive from readers of this column is this: “Dave, I love your writing, but I have never heard of any of these bands you are talking about.”

Fair observation, as I too love my writing. Ego massaging aside, I concede that most music I write about is not necessarily mainstream in Grand Junction. It rarely gets spins on corporate radio, and it’s under-represented by concert tour stops.

That is why KAFM is so necessary. I am of the opinion that if you don’t like something, it’s up to you to make it better. Less complaining and more action.

I’ve always disliked the music scene in Grand Junction as it has never lived up to potential. That’s precisely why I write this column and why I volunteer at KAFM. I want Grand Junction to be better. It can be better.

If you haven’t heard of Kishi Bashi or the Lumineers, that’s OK. Grand Junction doesn’t make it easy to discover new music. Are you unfamiliar with the likes of Metric and Delta Spirit? Again, it’s OK. That’s why you’ve got me and other KAFM volunteers around.

KAFM is not perfect. Our DJs are not slick professionals working off a soulless playlist. We are an unpredictable group, breaking from the masses and delivering swift justice to the high desert plains. Upset with the lack of diversity, honesty and authenticity of corporate radio, we’ve taken to the air to bring you real radio. We are a life force for Grand Junction.

I will not dare tell you what to do with your money and ask you to donate. I will challenge your determination though.

Do you have the guts to tell the man off? Do you have the guts to stand with KAFM? 


Buzz Around “Random Access Memories” Jumps the Gun

By David Goe
Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Have you seen this yet? Well before Daft Punk's new, highly anticipated album "Random Access Memories" is released, The Creators Project Channel has been publishing a series of videos reigning praise on the album like its already an all time classic. So far two episodes have been released featuring producers Giorgio Morodor and Todd Edwards, both who worked on "Random Access Memories."

The interviews are extremely interesting, notably Morodor talking about the first use of synth sounds in popular music, and I actually enjoy the backdoor access to the reclusive French duo. As a music nerd I love seeing how bands create sounds and the process they go through to make music.   

The timing and tone of the videos however are a bit odd. We've only heard a :15 second clip of one song and yet it feels like we are supposed to believe "Random Access Memories" has already been cemented as a classic dance album.     

Yes, Daft Punk is awesome and yes, I'm excited to hear the new album but I'm not comfortable heaping so much praise on something that isn't even released. Can we wait to hear the full length before crowning it a masterpiece? Something about this series of videos screams marketing campaign. Is it genuine praise or a calculated ad campaign? I can't tell and it makes me uncomfortable.

Check out the videos and judge for yourself.  

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