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Q&A With DJ Trizz

By David Goe

1) How long have you been DJing for? When did you first know this is something you wanted to do? What DJs do you look up too?
I've officially been DJ'ing for a little over four years. I have always been into music and started taking piano lessons and joined choir in middle school. I used to be in charge of the music at our middle school dances but I wouldn't consider that DJ'ing, more of song selecting. I was heavy into those CD clubs back in the day so my collection was respectable amongst my peers. 

I really wanted to get into DJ'ing after seeing Z-Trip open for The Roots back in 2004. Since then I started following DJ culture and going to shows. I always had the itch to get into dj'ing but didn't know where to begin. I kept going to shows and stayed a fan observing from afar until 2009 when I bought my first gear with my college scholarship money, sorry Mom!

DJ's I look up to: Z-Trip, Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, Diplo, Vice, DJ Spider, DJ Bonics, Chris Karns, D-JR, Naka G, Jazzy Gems

2) Talk about your setup. It looks like you use Serrato w/ time coded vinyl. That's a pretty unique setup, how'd you decide on that gear?
I use Technics 1200MK5 turntables, Rane 62 mixer w/ Serato Software and time coded vinyl and Macbook Pro. The DJ's I admired the most were using the same setup. Turntables and CDJ's are considered the "Club Standard" so I thought, why not learn on a universally accepted setup and be able to play whenever and wherever. I always carry my laptop so I'm good to go!

3) What's your personal philosophy when putting together a set? You play a lot of different genres, how do you mix it all together in a cohesive way?
It's not very unique but I believe in taking a musical journey and letting the night and crowd take us where it may. I play out a lot so I run through a lot of different genres and tunes and just feel out the crowd. Some nights you know exactly what you're getting into and others you have to really work for a reaction. Sometimes that reaction is good, sometimes it's bad but that's what makes it fun.
I like to give people enough to make them feel comfortable and trust me and then it's time for some curve balls to keep people on their toes.

4) You've been up to some pretty cool things lately, playing the XGames, opening for Capital Cities, past Snowboarding Grand Prix events. How'd you get hooked up with those gigs?
I started doing some gigs in Aspen in 2012 and became good friends with Mike Nakagawa who is the X-Games resident DJ and was the music director for the 2010 Olympics and will be working the 2014 Olympics as well. He's a busy guy and I was fortunate to pick up some of the gigs he couldn't take on. That's how I got my foot in the door. I owe quite a bit to Mike, shout out DJ Naka G!

5) What's your favorite type of show to play? A big event like the XGames or a club show?
I like club gigs. It's good to be versatile, helps paying the bills and it's refreshing to do something different but I like the feeling of when you have the club in a stranglehold and every tune kills.

6) You've got pretty steady work in GJ (Dwellington's on Tuesdays and Rockslide on Fridays), what do you make of the local music scene here (both musicians and audiences)? Where do you see it going in the future? 
Yes. I currently hold down three nights in GJ. TwoferTuesday at Charlies, Flip Night on Thursdays (Charlies) and Catch The Beat on Friday's at The Rockslide. 

The local scene is getting better. There is a good core of musicians, DJ's, and promoters that work hard to maintain and develop this area. I think with the growth of the College, we'll start to see a boom in the local scene. There's some traction right now, and it's exciting to see where it may go. There's major potential for expansion but it's on the shoulders of the musicians, DJ's, Promoters, bars/venues, fans, and music lovers to make it happen. The scene is what you make of it. If you want it better, get up off your ass and quit complaining and help make it better! There's no magic formula, it comes down to who is willing to hustle and work for it. The more people participating- whether it's performing, promoting, attending shows, the better. I'm interested to see how Junction develops in the next couple of years, musically.

7) Whats the biggest misnomer and pet peeve about the Grand Junction music scene?
My biggest pet peeve about the Grand Junction scene is hearing people say there isn't anything going on. There may not be as many options as a big city, but there still is something worthwhile to check out regularly.
Biggest misnomer would be outsiders may think GJ doesn't know how to get down. Not true. People here know how to have a good time!

8) What sound are you obsessed with right now? Where do you hope to take your sound in the next couple years?
Really been digging artists like Wave Racer, Keys N Krates, and Trippy Turtle. It's almost a soulful trap, jersey club sound if you will. I get so happy when I hear stuff like that.
I really wanted to develop my skills as a DJ before I tried any production. In the next couple of years I would like to experiment with producing. In the meantime, I would like to keep pushing myself as a DJ and hopefully deliver the soundtrack to people's night out, one they can enjoy themselves to!

9) What does the future of DJing look like?
I wish I knew! I think it's in a good place, the exposure is at an all time high and I think with technology and people's curiosity it's only going to get more creative.

10) Anything you'd like to add?
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