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A wreck is still a wreck

By {screen_name}
The Van Gundy salvage yard will remain in south downtown, unless the Grand Junction City Council decides against issuing a conditional-use permit to the recycling center (modern lingo for junk yard.) There will be a large faction of people dissatisfied with the decision, preferring to see the junk disappear (they don't say where — they exist only to complain). The faction that does like the decision won't be satisfied for long. All that, of course, is pretty much standard operating procedure. One cannot, however, escape the feeling that Paris Hilton is still driving the council, careening from this side of the road to the other, all the while fooling with her hair. All with no discernible destination in mind. Maybe the council could do everyone a favor and decide exactly what it wants in the south downtown area. An events center might be a start. So might a golf course. Or a recycling center. Or a latte-swill spot sinkhole. Or a hog farm. Or a nuclear test site. Or a high-tech business park. Or a research area for oil shale and alternative energy sources. Or high-rise housing. Or a park. But really, the council needs to say what it wants to encourage there. These things, or course, take time. There's a year until the next council election - plenty of time for candidates to campaign on an idea and see how voters react. Until then, however, Paris is still behind the wheel with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake, tapping out the tune of Chuck Berry's "Ridin' Around in my Automobile."